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A. The TFWC President shall be the representative of the Executive Committee in all business matters arising between meetings of the Executive Committee.

B. The President shall appoint a committee to work with the President-elect on plans for the installation ceremony.

C. The President shall place her picture in the foyer of the TFWC Clubhouse at the beginning of her administration.

D. A vacancy shall occur when any appointed Board member has been absent from all scheduled meetings in one year or becomes incapacitated. This vacancy shall be filled by a Presidential appointment.

E. List for mass mailing by State and District Officers and Chairmen shall include the TFWC Executive Committee members.

F. A memorial contribution to the TFWC Historical Foundation shall be sent from Headquarters upon notification of the death of a Past State President or current State Officer. Cards shall be sent from Headquarters upon notification of death of an immediate member of the aforementioned families.

G. An apartment for the President’s occupancy shall be provided at Headquarters.

H. There shall be another apartment reserved for the Executive Committee and other TFWC officials.

I. All officers elected or appointed in TFWC shall be based on the representative’s residence within the area in which she resides.

J. Prior to and during the time of election of TFWC officers, the candidate and supporters shall be discouraged from actively campaigning.


A.  Funds collected for a specific purpose shall be spent for the purpose unless otherwise recommended by the Executive Committee and authorized by the convention.

B.  Any contributions received after June 1st in the even-numbered years; except scholarships or special funds continued by the incoming administration, shall be placed in the general fund.

C.  All funds collected for statewide projects must be deposited at Headquarters and be disbursed upon direction of the Executive Committee.

D.  In an effort to give full support to TFWC, TFWC-HF, and GFWC on District or State level, no fund raising event shall be held unless it has been approved by the respective Executive Committee. (2009)

E.  To keep TFWC Finances current, all receipts for items for which reimbursement to a Chairman is to be made must be in the hands of the Office Manager or Financial Officer within thirty (30) days of date of purchase in order to receive payment of receipt. (2008)

F. To enable the TFWC President to function better and to serve its members more efficiently, $6,000.00 shall be budgeted annually for the reimbursement of the TFWC President's expenses as listed below: (2009)

A. For arranging and scheduling TFWC meetings, visiting the Districts and individual clubs in TFWC, representing TFWC at functions to which she is invited or her presence is in the interest of TFWC:

(1) Gas

(2) Telephone

(3) Stationery

(4) Postage

(5) Food

(6) Lodging

(7) Air fare within the state when necessary to fulfill her duties as TFWC President

b. South Central Region expense

c. GFWC registration and meals

d. One half of GFWC travel expenses (GFWC covers part of the travel expense for state presidents)

e. One half of GFWC hotel expenses

f.  Registration and meals for TFWC Board of Director's meetings and Conventions shall be complimentary for the President only.

2.  Should the sitting President prefer the prepay reimbursement system for the above listed expenses, she may make such arrangements with the TFWC Financial Officer and the TFWC Officer Manager. (2008)

3. She shall present a list of expenses with itemized receipts to the TFWC Office Manager and the TFWC Financial Officer at the end of each month for an accurate record of expenditures. (2007)

I. The President-elect shall receive reimbursement up to $500.00 in September of odd- numbered years to organize her Board and to attend the GFWC Orientation.

J. Disbursements of funds of TFWC shall be by check which shall bear two of the three signatures; Financial Officer, President or President-elect. These officers shall be bonded for an amount not less than $5,000.00. This expense shall be paid from TFWC funds.

K. Copies of the proposed budget shall be distributed at the Spring Convention.

L. Fiscal year shall be July 1 to June 30.

M. Contributions to all funds must be in Headquarters by January 1 in order to be on the funds sheets.


The Executive Committee shall employ the necessary staff to conduct the business of the organization. (Article IX, Section 2-1)

A.  The TFWC Office Manager shall maintain an office in the Headquarters Building.


1.  Keep a file of all minutes of TFWC Board of Directors, Conventions, Executive Committee, Trustees, and Scholarship Committee meetings.

2.  Designate a specific place for bank statements, investment reports, and bills for easy access by the TFWC President and elected officers.

3.  Be familiar with and supportive of TFWC projects, policies, materials, and objectives.

4.  Prepare and assist with registrations for TFWC meetings.

5.  Maintain weekly contact with the TFWC President and promptly notify her of any business pertaining to TFWC of which she should have immediate knowledge.

6.  Promptly answer mail pertaining to TFWC Clubs, memorials, finances, etc.

7.  Be available to answer and return all phone calls directed to TFWC and its business.

8.  Give bond for faithful discharge of duties, the bond to be approved by the Executive Committee and paid for by TFWC.

9.  Mileage on behalf of TFWC shall be documented and reimbursed at $.25 per mile.

10.  TFWC Office Manager shall have the following paid holidays each year: President’s Day, Good Friday and the Monday following Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving, and the days from December 24 through January 1st.(2008)

11.  TFWC Office Manager shall have five (5) days of paid sick leave per year.  These days cannot accumulate from year to year. (2004)

B.  Bookkeeper shall be selected by the Executive Committee.


1.  Keep an accurate record of all funds in separate accounts.

2.  Furnish financial statements for TFWC Executive Committee, TFWC Board of Director’s meeting, TFWC Conventions, and such other times when this information is needed.

3.  Be responsible for the preparation and mailing of all tax reports, making sure they are prepared in ample time for the signatures of the appropriate TFWC elected officers.

4.  Make books available for the bi-annual audit.


A. The TFWC President shall appoint an Editor for THE TEXAS CLUBWOMAN.

B. The Editor shall be allowed $200.00 per month to cover editorial expenses, plus $10.00 per page for composition, not to exceed twenty-four (24) pages. (2013)

C.  Prior to final release of the magazine, each issue shall be approved by the current GFWC Texas President. (2013)

D.  Each club shall be encouraged to donate $1.50 per member to cover current internet publication cost of the magazine. (2013)

E.  100% club membership donations of $1.50 to support internet publication cost will be recognized a the spring conventions. (2013)

F.  The Editor, in consultation with the President, shall advise the Financial Officer regarding the budget for the magazine to be included in the budget submitted to the Fall Board Meeting.

G.  Information for the Call pertaining to nominations, Bylaws amendments and resolutions shall be sent by the respective committee chairmen to THE TEXAS CLUBWOMAN prior to deadline as set by the Editor.


A. The Official State President’s pin during her term of office shall be the GFWC pin inset into the seal guard which was designed and presented by Linz Brothers of Dallas in 1953. This pin is the property of TFWC and shall be worn by the President during her term of office. It shall be used as part of the installation service.

B. During her final convention, the retiring President shall be presented the GFWC pin as a gift from TFWC. This pin shall not be mounted in any way resembling the official state pin.

C. The official pin shall be delivered to the new President immediately following the GFWC installation.


A. TFWC tradition is to present the retiring president with a gift at her last spring convention (even numbered year).

1. The process for obtaining the gift is as follows:

a. The President-elect shall notify all members of the TFWC Board of Directors, Past State Presidents, Club Presidents and their clubs of this custom and asks for a voluntary contribution toward a gift.

b. The contribution checks should be made out to TFWC/President’s Gift and sent to the TFWC Financial Officer.

c. The President-elect shall confer with the retiring President as to the type of gift she might desire, i.e., gift in hand, scholarship establishment, contribution to existing scholarship, other.

2. It is customary to present such gift to the retiring President during the afternoon session of the final day of convention.


1. The installation of the incoming officers will be considered part of the convention in the even numbered years.

2. A reception honoring the incoming President and line officers is encouraged.

3. The honor and expense of the reception should be that of the Incoming President’s District. The District may hold in-district fund raising events to cover the cost of the reception.


1. An orientation breakfast may be held the morning after the official close of the convention to acquaint members with pertinent information for the following two year program and events. The incoming President should preside at this meeting.

2. Instead of waiting until the July Executive Committee meeting to approve the new president’s Board appointments, dates and convention sites, this Executive Session could be incorporated into such a post convention morning event.

3. It is advised to co-ordinate the July and January meeting dates of the TFWC Executive Committee and the TFWC Trustees at this time to eliminate confusion as to the exact meeting dates as opposed to the second or third Monday or Tuesday of these months.


These rules may be amended by the Executive Committee to conform to the program for Convention. These rules shall be printed in the official program. The TFWC shall hold an annual convention in the spring of each year, the date and place of meeting to be decided by the Executive Committee. Convention site, in election year, shall be in the District of the President-elect. The quorum for a convention will be sixty-three (63) voting members representing more than half the districts. The Parliamentary authority for TFWC shall be Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised.

A.  Registration

1.  Registration hours shall be set by the Executive Committee.

2.Registration badges will be used for admittance to Convention Hall.

B.  General Procedure

1. Door keepers and ushers will admit no one to business sessions, either delegate or visitor, without a badge or official card.

2. Notes shall not be passed or page service available during speaking from theplatform.

3. Only accredited delegates shall vote.

C. Delegates and Board Members

1. A delegate wishing to use her priviledge of the floor must wear an official badge.

2. When seeking recognition, a delegate shall address the chair and announce her name, town and club.

3. Debate on any one question shall be limited to thirty minutes.

4. Members shall not speak a second time upon the same questions until all others who desire to speak upon the question have been heard. No member shall speak more than twice on any question.

5. During business or discussion periods each speaker shall be limited to two minutes.

6. Time limits shall be adhered to strictly.

7. Speakers for and against any measure under discussion shall be heard alternately.

8. Convention committee chairmen only are voting members of the Board of Directors. Other convention committee members must have achieved voting status through some other appointed or elective capacity to be eligible to vote.’

9. All cell phones shall be turned off during the Board Meetings and Conventions of TFWC. (2002)

D. Motions and Resolutions

1. Main motions or others of importance must be written, signed and sent to the Recording Secretary.

2. Emergency Resolutions, not to exceed three, may be presented to the Convention through the Resolutions Committee. Such emergency resolutions shall pertain to situations which have arisen since the preparations of the Call must have the endorsement of the Executive Committee.

E. Oral Reports

Two copies of all oral reports are to be typed, double-spaced and handed to the Secretary before leaving the microphone. One copy becomes a part of the official minutes of the meeting and the other copy is placed in the file of the TFWC President.

F. Hours for voting shall be set by the Executive Committee.

G. Counting of votes shall not begin until polls close.


The TFWC Standing Rules may be amended by the TFWC Executive Committee.