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Subject: Phone card

Ms. Simmons,

I received the phone card recently and I just wanted to thank you for your
support.  I am a Harrier pilot deployed on the USS Peleliu and am slated to
return in the Spring.  As you can imagine, reaching back home is difficult
and the phone card is definitely a great help.
Thank you again for your support.

Capt Herbie 'Snooki' Veyran


Cindy A. Simmons
Operation Phone Card

Ms. Simmons:
On behalf of myself, my unit, and all the people serving here in Afghanistan
I want to thank you for all you are doing.  It is so great and uplifting to
hear from home and know that people remember us, especially during the
Holidays.  We just received your package here in Mazar-e Sharif a few hours
ago; the phone cards of course, tons of cookies with some of everyone's
favorites, and a selection of magazines with a nice variety of topics.
I'll make sure to send a thank you note for the guys for the cards from the
team to the Fairfield History Club and another to the Flair Department for
the great cookies but wanted to thank you personally as I know that
sometimes the people orchestrating these outstanding efforts projects don't
always get the same feedback as those doing the baking and whatnot.  None of
this would be possible without the work you do and we here in the field sure
appreciate it.
I'll see if there's a way to send an e-mail picture.
God bless America.
Stephen M. Bloor, OIC
Multi-National Support Cell
Multi-National Fusion Center
Regional Command North
Mazar-e Sharif (MeS), Afghanistan


Subject: Cookies & Phone Card
Date: Mon Sep 24 06:37:31 CDT 2012

Ms. Simmons, I am writing you from Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan. My name is
Cameron Kritner and I am assigned to the 455 ESFS/TASS unit. I am the
supervisor of approximately a 12 member military and civilian team here at
Bagram. I can't really go into detail about what we do on a daily basis but
we work 24/7/365 to keep the bad guys from getting onto the base. I am
writing to say Thank You to you and the members of the Texas Federation of
Women's Club for the box of cookies and baked goods we received last week.
You would have thought that we had won the lottery when we opened the box
and saw all the goodies that yall sent. They tasted even better than they
looked. It was so nice to just sit down for a minute and to have a taste of
HOME. Yall will never know how much it means to us over here when we get
something that reminds us of home and reminds us why we are here and what we
have to look forward to when we get home. I have written a couple of songs
while I have been over here and I am sending you the you-tube link. The
songs are called "What About Me" and "Country Warrior". I personally wrote
these as Poems to My Wife who in turn sent them to a producer who put music
to them. Please share them with the Lady's in your organization and any and
everyone else in the world. Thank you again for your time and the goodies
yall sent.

Your Friend in Christ--Cameron Kritner

2312 San Gabriel *Austin * TX 78705-5014 *512.472.1456